The New York Hoax


So did we all just jump step back into our collective miserable futures?

By this I mean, are we repeating the same old vinyl on the jute box by being passive about current issues on our newspapers and writing off how this action can and will remorselessly effect our future?

How is it that a popular New York City tabloid gets away with racist (either bluntly or subliminal) remarks during such a vital but sensitive climate. Even though I think The New York Post is one of the worlds ugliest, imbecilic boring papers, their editorial staff are indeed smart enough to know when some thing may be offensive or even provoking. Maybe their intent is to provoke more paper sales by being sarcastically brash, but is it so in vogue to assist and provoke national incidence just to sell a few thousand of a crappy urban paper? As they say, New York may not be physically part of the United States, but its actions and reactions are shots heard around the world.

Boycott like Montgomery in 1955. Maybe Boycott the companies that advertise in them also. Let them know as well. It might hurt the gold nest for now, but it will flush the toilet as needed.

I remember when the passing of Yasir Arafat was front page news on all the local papers back in 2004 which it should have been expected because of his influence and presence in world politics. We may have not agreed with policies and rhetoric that comes from other places and its peoples, but lets be real and honorable here as a nation. Whether right or wrong, we do not have the right to just write off people no matter what their religious, political beliefs may be and dis them publicly with the following as The New York Post did. “It isn’t over till the Arafat lady sings” was the headline that day. Our children may get a glimpse of these headlines as papers tumble across windy city streets. Is this what we intend on teaching them and ourselves?

Maybe it was a title to sooth the nerves of blinded bamboozled consensus that really think they know who, what and why terrorism came to our shores. At the end of the day creative vandalism is what that was. Vandalizing our senses with dirty low down literary Graffiti.

In my book, we as a nation are routinely subjected to approving and perpetuating that kind of conduct especially in the tender light of some our own personal losses. Say or write any vulgar thing to a hurtin’ people in hurtin’ times and they may just follow your lead into temptation. Whack ethics with no respect for morale is what that is, just as whack as when the last Commander in Chief declared war by ringing sabers on top of what I considered sacred ground, the still smoldering wreckage of the Trade Center.

A righteous Commander walks softly and carries a big stick. He/they are to keep the calm and collect themselves, keep the revenge parties to within the Oval walls till they are sure and deteminned to act in the most right ways.

A righteous news print keeps the senseless rhetoric to within the water cooler and avoids from instigating the very same blind acts that plague our mess.

I say to every one stop peaking down at your I-pods, I-phones, berries and look up to the nasty anti social campaign raining down on your heads as we speak. Boycott the SOBs and get real smart relevant information else where while you’re at it.
I’ve been Boycotting them since the early 80′s.

Nuff said.

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