For who the closing bell tolls.


Just adding a few captions here, no pep talk, no explanations. just the facts Man…..
I’ve always said that if you want to get a peak at the economic climate, especially of the global type, then look no further than the street signs of New York. This is the epic center to all transactions and lean times bring mean streets.

When was the last time you saw FOR RENT, FOR SALE, signs plastered onto the sides of store fronts and or building facades that were not removed for weeks at a time? Usually when a vacancy is all but eminent in New York, it is called for before the old tenant even knows he or she is leaving.

Another ironic phenomenon may be the first ever sightings of high rise vacant condominiums. All I can say is this and hear me clear. It’s going to be an interesting Summer in the year of the OX.

The Arts is the only true last front. Keep your voice boxes, pencils, brushes, cameras charged up, we’re all going to need ‘em.

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