On Presidents & Politics: Enter the Dragon 1973


Don’t sleep on a sleeping Giant/Lion. Let’s keep a few key quotes in movie history on deck with a little tweaking added in for future alliance in the following conversation.

“Enter the Dragon” 1973

Opponent; Do I bother you all?
Bruce Lee;  Don’t waste yourself with yourself.
Opponent; What’s your style?
Bruce Lee; My style? you can call it the art of fighting without fighting.
Opponent; Show me some of it!
Bruce Lee; Later!

“Tora, Tora, Tora” 1970
President: Franklin D.Roosevelt.  ”A date that will live in infamy.”

Japenese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto;   ”I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill her with a terrible resolve.”

It seems to me that aside from all the legitimate concerns that most American people had hopping onto their respective couches a week ago for the first of three presidential debates was that a BULL fight was about to commence. Popcorn stocks must have gone virally gold that evening based on the fact that the Romney camp was on full damage control and either he was going to be a bull and fail or get aggressively stern in the attempts to lure our President into an equally embarrassing exchange within the cape.
Damage control is a lose cunning word in politics.  It can be understood as control of damage in fine print terms from one candidate to another.  A lose word or a lose cannon creates no sense of cool calm, collective resolve, some thing I believe a countries President should hold close to heart.  That being said, damage control was the underlying scheme because it was control of damage to the President that was Romney’s main interest. They/He failed, not our President.

Don’t think for a minute that President Obama was shook to the core, all he was and all he could do is lay in the cut as what a cool calm resolved President should do, just as Champions do (Bruce Lee: My Style? my style is the art of fighting without fighting”) with adversaries desperate for those 15 minutes of fame.

In fact, it has been said that Romney is one of Obama’s main contributors because he contributes to his own demise with his lies and ties 47% percent of the time. Just listen and you will hear, put your popcorn down and pull out your memory banks because the last person that I want on a national podium is a sword swaying war monger that perpetuates hostile dialogue both nationally and internationally.  Remember when Bush stood on top of a smoldering World Trade Center rubble with bullhorn in hand and vowed that (“the people of the world and those who knocked down the towers will hear from us”) Well, last I’ve heard is that you never bring a vow of vengeance and or humor to such a smoldering grave. You stay calm, cool and resolved in your respect for the dead under you and save all the following vows
Roosevelt: (“A date that will live in infamy”)  for the White House press room, not a sacred site.

The Romney camp is indeed here for a gunfight and President Obama is as savvy as I have ever seen him, not the weakest. It takes more brains and statue to know when to move on a chess table then just going in circles on a round table.

The reccession has wore us as a nation to the core and more than ever it is up to us to mirror a cool calm and collectiveness in our incumbent President, President Obama.

Let’s not fall asleep on awakening a sleeping giant of lies and ignorance that will have a terrible resolve.


Lee Q.

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