The Making Of Birds Of A Feather at MOCA

Lee worked with Futura, Risky, Loomit, Cern, Push, Risk and Abel on “Birds of A Feather” outside of the Geffen Building at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

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  1. @John (I haven’t seen this exposition in pesron yet, but I’m talking from a museologist point of view):There’s nothing wrong with an exhibition being more educational (in the good sense of the word) for everyone, including the outsiders, instead of a bragging off only fully understood for those already in the know.In order to discover anything you need some amount of previous information that gives you enough referential parameters in your mind to place the new bits. If you can sniff things that way, that means you do have that referential frame in your brains somewhere somehow, even if you don’t realize you got it. But don’t forget that other people come from different backgrounds (cultures, social groups, generations, )It happens too often that a curator uses the exhibition and texts more to show his/her knowledge than to let the message come across in really informative / participative ways. And that’s bad enough when it happens in the academic contemporary art world. But this is street art: it really really shouldn’t fall on that trap.

    Comment by Krisztina on September 23, 2012 at 4:59 pm

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